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Aware of the importance and the challenge which any commitment to quality represents for the future, since 1995 the University of Valladolid has been involved in the National Plan for Quality Assessment of Spanish Universities, evaluating its centres, qualifications, departments and services.

The University of Valladolid is also a reference point for Spanish universities as a whole thanks to its information system, which enables objective assessment of its operation, teaching and research activity as well as its students and graduates’ degree of satisfaction. It can also offer support for the planning and improvement of the institution as well as informed decision-taking.

It also publishes the most important indicators of its activity with a view to informing society and guaranteeing the transparency of its management process. This is the goal of two pioneer publications aimed at providing socidety as a whole with real data prior to taking decisions regarding planning or everyday management: the University of Valladolid in Figures and the University of Valladolid R&D: research results.

In line with these commitments, and in addition to the programmed development of assessment systems and involvement in improvement plans, all University of Valladolid service sections have drawn up a strict Service Charter, being the first university to place them at the disposal of the entire university community on its website: www.uva.es. The commitment to quality that underlies all its work provides a model for other institutions and reflects the dedication and involvement of every member of the University of Valladolid in the search for constant improvement and quality.

To ensure that these objectives are accomplished, the University of Valladolid has programmed, since 1995, biannually and with its own resources, a great number of training schemes for all its administrative and service personnel. These schemes range from awarding grants for attending language courses in Exeter (Great Britain), La Rochelle (France) and Aveiro (Portugal), to the updating of knowledge and techniques through courses, lectures, mini conferences, and seminars aimed at improving the quality of the respective services.

The University of Valladolid is particularly proud of the quality of the services it offers. Its libraries, its cultural and sports facilities, its museums and its halls of residence contribute to the creation of an exceptional academic environment comparable to that offered by the other oldest European universities witch wich the University of Valladolid shares its history and its excellence in education and research.