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University of Valladolid
University: The University of Valladolid
Legal Status: Public University
Founded: Beginning of the 13th Century
Number of Students (Undergraduates): 28.028
Number of Students on Erasmus –Socrates Exchange Programmes

Received: 950
Sent: 915

Teaching Staff: 2.589
Administration and Service Staff: 942

Collected Volumes: 815.517
Reading/Study places available: 4.772
Publications –collected journals- with current subscription: 16.061

Internships (%) Students: 50%

Number of educational cooperation agreements for student internships: 579 agreements
225 institutional agreements.
426 contracts-research agreements
192 agreements with overseas universities

Halls of Residence
Number of places: 1.321
Campuses: 4

Location: (Valladolid, Palencia, Segovia and Soria)
Contact address:

Plaza de Sta. Cruz, nº 8 47002. Valladolid
Telephone: 983 423 000 (switchboard)
Fax: 983 423 234
web: www.uva.es
E-mail: servicio.alumno@uva.es

Outstanding features

We are at the forefront of research in the fields of mathematic, phisics, chemistry, biochemistry, ophthalmology, robotics, industrial engineering, history, language studies, language courses for foreign students and so on…

We are the leading European university in terms of teacher mobility within the Erasmus-Socrates programme.

We offer a wide range of international joint honours degrees with French, German, Brazilian and British universities.

192 agreements with European, Asian, African as well as both North and Latin American universities.

We have signed over 936 bilateral exchange agreements within the Socrates programme.

We are involved in ten international university associations and groups.

We offer fourteen quality PhD programmes.

Over 50% of our students undertake internships in companies and other institutions.

Founding member and secretary of the Spanish, Brazilian and Portuguese university group -The Tordesillas Group-.

We are involved in promoting and coordinating the FARO Interuniversity Grant Programme for Postgraduates.

Joint PhD courses, exchange of students and networks funded by the Spanish MEC and Brazilian CAPES educational authorities.

Unique UVA-ICCR grant programme for postgraduate students in India.

Agreements with universities in India for exchange of graduates and teachers, co-tutors of theses as well as research and joint research projects: Jawaharlal Nehru University (Delhi), CIEFL Hyderabad, University of Kerala and the Indian Agricultural Research Institute.

The first university to be founded in Spain. Documented history of the university dates back to the beginning of the 13th century.

University located in a setting of outstanding historical monuments.

Valladolid boasts a thriving and dynamic industrial fabric –car manufacturing, telecommunications, information technology and so on …….-